What we do

Whether you're a job seeker or an employer, we work to build employment partnerships.

Assessment and Planning

Our vocational specialists assist job seekers with building individualized employment plans based on work experience and goals.

Breaking Barriers & Building Bridges

Our case managers help build the bridge from homelessness to employment by assisting with barriers such as training, required equipment, work clothing, etc.

Job Search Assistance and Ongoing Support

Whether it’s resume assistance, job interview preparation, or mediating work challenges, our vocational specialists are there to support you.

Network of Employer Partners

Our staff is constantly working to develop new relationships with a variety of employers to ensure the best possible fit.

A Success Story

Grace always loved working with people, so when COVID hit, she felt the need to do more. She began working in a day shelter as a supervisor, working with those in need, leading her staff and ensuring everyone who passed through her doors was cared for.

But as with many people, that difficult time began taking a toll on her mental health and sobriety. Determined to turn her life back around, Grace spent the following two years at Fort Lyons, working on herself and her recovery. Upon returning to Denver, she joined the CCH Employment Services Program where she received job search assistance, assistance developing a resume, work clothing, transportation assistance, and ongoing support and mentoring. After a few false starts, she was able to find a position doing what she loves... helping people in a local community mental health center while balancing her own sobriety and growth.

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